Words from Dr. Shuldiner:

"In terms of just lifestyle, it's a great way to practice low vision. You don't need to have an office...You don't have to have staff. You can do this all by yourself...You can actually take care of your patients, be nicely compensated and everybody's happy. It's completely win-win."

Here's What Our Doctors Say...

Dr. Jarrod Long

"Financially it's made a great difference in my practice...It's made optometry worth practicing, so I highly recommend Shuldiner Feinbloom method."

Dr. Edward Paul

"I went and trained with Dr. Shuldiner and it's not only changed my life, but it's changed the life of hundreds and thousands of patients that I've treated over the last 10 years."

Dr. David Armstrong

"My experience with Dr. Shuldiner has been wonderful. The things he has taught me have paid off in terms of helping patients."

Dr. Rod Fields

"I don't really have any practice now. I just do low vision, and it's a gas!"

Dr. Marc Gannon

"My association and affiliation with the Shuldiner Feinbloom Method has benefited me tremendously in terms of my overall practice growth and potential."


Cheryl L. Dumont, OD

"I never quite know who is more fortunate, the low vision patients we help or the gratification that comes from being able to help them!"