Our Unique Program


Four Day Intensive Training

You will learn how to:

  • Reach patients in need
  • Understand the low vision patient
  • Take care of the patient
  • “Be” a low vision optometrist
  • Do the 12-step Low Vision Evaluation
  • Set the patient up for continued success
  • Establish referral relationships
  • Use newly gained advanced optics and product knowledge
  • Incorporate turn-key practice management tools

Culture of Sharing and Support

Once trained, you become a Fellow in the International Academy of Low Vison Specialists (IALVS). Fellows of this internationally recognized organization enjoy an unparalleled culture of sharing knowledge, clinical pearls and practice management tips through:

  • The IALVS annual meeting held each fall
  • Monthly member-only conference calls
  • Individualized coaching to help attain goals
  • Access to the extensive library of clinical and business management tools, including videos, audios, power points, forms and publications.

Newly trained doctors are mentored by Dr. Shuldiner as well as other veteran low vision optometrists who have completed our intensive course. Members foster an incredible camaraderie through these shared experiences and ongoing support.


Satisfying and Rewarding

With our unique, turnkey low vision training program, you will feel professionally satisfied and financially rewarded in a way you’ve never imagined.

Caring for those with low vision is a privilege and requires a doctor’s desire to connect with patients in a profound way. Our doctors strive to understand and appreciate their patients’ passions, motivations and abilities so they can help them live their lives to the fullest. Restoring someone’s ability to do what they love is incredibly rewarding!

“Dr. Richard J. Shuldiner, OD, FAAO sheds light on why low vision care has a profound impact on patients' lives.”