Meet Dr. Richard Shuldiner

Dr. Richard Shuldiner has dedicated his professional career to teaching, training and coaching optometrists to be low vision doctors.  He is the founder and President of both Shuldiner Low Vision Training Institute and The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, and he has enjoyed a low vision only practice for over 25 years.

As a young low vision doctor in the 1980s, Dr. Shuldiner found himself under the wing of the Father of Low Vision Care, William Feinbloom, OD, PhD. – the inventor of bioptic telescope glasses for driving, microscope lenses for reading and various contact lenses.  Dr. Shuldiner was also fortunate to work with Dr. Eleanor Faye, MD, the Medical Director of the New York Lighthouse, and Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, OD, FAAO, Chief of Low Vision Services for The Lighthouse. The New York Lighthouse, later Lighthouse International and now part of The Guild-Lighthouse, was the largest and most advanced low vision service in the world. These opportunities shaped Dr. Shuldiner, and he invented the Richard Shuldiner, OD/William Feinbloom, OD Philosophy & Methods for Providing Low Vision Care™, a four-day low vision intensive training course curriculum used to train over 70 private practice optometrists and counting.

Dr. Shuldiner is very accomplished and a highly sought after low vision expert. He was the Chief Clinical Editor of Managing Low Vision (2018-2022), Founder and Clinical Director of the upstate low vision clinics of the New York Lighthouse, President of the Rialto Lions Club, member of the board of directors of the San Bernardino Lighthouse, and a member of the Eye Health Committee of the American Diabetes Association.  Dr. Shuldiner has lectured and led workshops on low vision in Russia, China, Africa, Israel and throughout the United States. He has been interviewed on various television and radio programs over his impressive career.